28 Days of Ancestral Storytelling Support 

I get it, you would rather be researching than writing. But, it's time. Time to think about the future. Is your family really going to want to read a stack of research files?That's great if they do. But for most of us, our relatives want a concise, entertaining and engaging family history story. How do you make that happen to ensure your research stands the test of time? Join the Family History Writing Challenge and learn to turn your research into ancestor stories. Leave your research as a lasting legacy.

Join the Family History Writing Challenge, Feb 1-28 and learn how to turn your research into entertaining and engaging ancestor stories. 

The Family History Writing Challenges Helps You Turn Your Research into Story:

28 days of focused writing

Struggling to sit down and write. Rumour has it that it takes 21 days to form a habit. The Family History Writing Challenge will help you to create a regular writing habit. Or at the very least you will accomplish a first draft of a story or two even if you don't continue past February 28. 

Learn the skills of writing true stories creatively

Are your stories just a summary of facts comprised into a paragraph? During the month February, Lynn coaches you on daily writing skills to help you make your stories more engaging and entertaining while sticking to the facts. 

Join a community of liked-minded family historians

The best way to learn a new skill is in the company of others. The Family History Writing Challenge offers an online community where you can share ideas, seek advice and support your fellow family history writer. Our online community also helps us to stay accountable to our writing commitment. 

Okay, that sounds good, but I'm overwhelmed. How do I start?
Here's how in just 3 steps...


Write Every Day

It's that simple. Sit down every day and write. Choose an ancestor to write about. Set yourself a designated word count or time frame for writing. 


Our Daily Dose email will motivate, inspire and teach.

Check in with your daily email and learn a new skill, tip or tool that will help elevate your writing skills. 


Join our private online Facebook community. 

A community of like-minded individuals can really help you to stay accountable and push you to the next level. 


Student stories

Julie P.

With the help of Lynn and her Challenge I was able to complete a small booklet of short stories on 6 of my ancestors which I had finished for Christmas presents for my 5 sisters. They all loved their gift – which is a huge relief.

Since completing the first booklet I have commenced work on 2 new projects. The first is about the 3 convict ancestors that belong to my husbands family and the 3 that belong to my side of the family through my mum. The second project is a collection of letters to my son’s in which I recall all the things about my life that they don’t have any idea about, and it is this collection that I want to work on with the challenge. I will commit to writing 500 -1000 words a day, more if I can manage it, and hopefully I will get the majority of the work done.


I have completed the last 2 February Challenges and have improved each time with meeting my goals. I managed to start a blog last year and post stories. I am looking forward to the 2019 Challenge as it keeps me motivated. 


I've done several February challenges now and find them a great motivation that sets up a momentum and habit of writing and further research for the year. The courses during the year add to my confidence to write and I feel better set to write with each following challenge. As my writing knowledge increases I re-draft my story. Each challenge I cover another chapter of my story, and work on the critiquing I get, which is very helpful and appreciated. I'll get there yet! Looking forward to Feb 2019 to take it another step forward.


I did the 2017 and the 2018 challenge. Wrote about a grandmother and a great-grandmother. I was pleased with the progress that I made, as far as creativity and writing skills. I have now started with my earliest known ancestor, and going forward. As I write, I keep making notes about events, that would make great "Stand Alone Stories." 

When you join before January 1st

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