Getting Ready to Write



Getting Ready to Write

60 Page Downloadable Ebook

One of the biggest obstacles in writing your family history is getting ready to write. The task of organizing your research, knowing where to start and how to organize your family history into stories frustrates many family historians.  The Companion Guide to the Family History Writing Challenge is a workbook created to help you organize your ideas, research and outline your story.

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Getting Ready to Write

Section 1 – The Vision for Your Book

Chapter 1 – Choosing Your Genre

Chapter 2 – The Scope and Span of Your Book

Chapter 3 – Getting to Know Your Reader

Section 2 – Organizing You and Your Research

Chapter 4 – Creating a Work-Flow

Chapter 5- Declaring the Time and Space

Chapter 6 – Fear and Self-Doubt

Chapter 7 – Organizing with Timelines

Section 3 – Shaping a Life into a Story

Chapter 8 – Frame and Focus

Chapter 9 – The Story Arc

Chapter 10 – Moving Forward