Authentic Ancestors


 Authentic Ancestors 

Bringing Your Ancestor to Life through Characterization

100 Page Downloadable Ebook 

In our second workbook of the Writing Family History Series, we offer you over 100 pages of tips, tools and worksheets to help you turn your ancestors into compelling characters in your family history stories. Using the tools of characterization, Authentic Ancestors  will help you to dig deep and learn about your ancestors on a more intimate level.  You’ll learn to uncover the physical, psychological and sociological  ancestor  through your genealogy and social history research. Once you’ve unearthed your multi-dimensional ancestor using our Authentic Ancestor Profile, you’ll be armed to write a compelling cast of characters for your family history narrative.  You’ll learn to write about real people, authentic ancestors that your readers will relate to on an emotional level, compelling them to find out more about their ancestors and their family history.




Authentic Ancestors

Bringing Your Ancestor to Life through Characterization

Chapter One

Characterization and the Family History Narrative

Chapter Two

What is an Authentic Ancestor?

Chapter Three

Creating Authentic Ancestors through Characterization

Chapter Four

Understanding the Characters in a Story

Chapter Five

Identifying Your Ancestor’s Goals, Motivations, and Stakes

Chapter Six

Social History and Characterization

Chapter Seven

The Authentic Ancestor Profile

Chapter Eight

Writing Character into Story

Chapter Nine

Making the Most of the Authentic Ancestor Workbook

This book is loaded with tips, tools and worksheets to help you understand your ancestor’s character including The Authentic Ancestor Profile, the Ancestor Collage and the  Ancestor Arc.


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