Tools to Start Your Challenge

Making sure you have a plan for success is necessary. It’s important to identify your goal prior to our 28 days together. With that in mind, I’ve developed a few tools to help you identify those goals and keep you on track.

First, our Success Guide. There are no real rules to The Family History Writing Challenge. However, in the spirit of  The Challenge’s original intentions, we’ve developed a few helpful pointers.  Download this pdf guide that outlines a few ideas to help you make the most of The Challenge.

Your Success Guide to The Family History Writing Challenge

Secondly,  I want you to declare your goal. Stating a goal makes it real.  With our goal sheet, you sign a contract with yourself. Hang it in your office, somewhere you’ll see it every day to help keep you on track.

Goal Sheet

Thirdly, keep yourself on track with our word count tracker. Being able to see your progress each day is an important motivator in moving  you forward. Download our goal calendar, keep it buy your computer and fill it in each day to total up those words and stay motivated.

FHWC Daily Goal Calendar 2016

Here’s another word count tracking sheet made in excel by one of our members. Feel free to use it if it is more suitable to your needs. Simply change out the word counts goals to fit your own goal.

2016 FHWC Word Count Goal & Tracking