What Type of Family History Should I Write?

Before you can answer this question you need to understand just what type of genres exist in family history writing. Below are a list of the more popular genres used in family history writing.


1.       The family history narrative – is a creative, non-fiction account of a family history from a third person perspective.  It usually combines creative narrative in conjunction with documentation and social histories.

2.       The family history memoir – is a first-person account of a personal journey of discovery while researching one’s family history. The author will enlist creative non-fiction writing and include documentation to support their memoir.

3.       A personal memoir – the writer will base the story on their personal memories of their family life using creative non-fiction writing techniques.

4.       Diaries and Letters – the author weaves and edits together a collection of letters and or diaries written by an ancestor

 5.       Fiction based on a True Story – the author takes creative liberties to convey a story based on the life of ancestor.