1Do I need to register to be part of the challenge?

Yes, you must register here, and confirm your registration in order to receive The Daily Dose emails and have access to the members-only areas.

2. Do I need to register again if I participated in past years?

If you registered with us last year, you do not have to register again. You would remain on the list, unless you unsubscribed at some point during the year.

3.  I  registered but it’s telling me I’ve already purchased this item. Did I just purchase something?

Membership for the Family History Writing Challenge is treated like a product. However, it is a free product, there is no cost to join. If you receive a message saying you’ve already purchased this product it means that you are already registered for the Family History Writing Challenge.

 4. I registered, but I’m not receiving Daily Dose emails.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email. You must open this email and click to confirm your participation. We cannot send you emails unless you complete this step. Daily Dose emails begin Feb 1st.

5. I’ve confirmed but I’m not receiving emails, or I’m receiving only some of the emails.

Check your junk mail. Because the Daily Dose is daily, some email servers will view it as spam mail. Add my email address lynnpalermo@eastlink.ca to your address book, your email server will then consider me a safe bet and not block the Daily Dose from your inbox.

6. Do I need to declare my word count or what I’m writing about?

This is completely optional. Some writers do like to announce their intentions publically, it holds them accountable to their goals. This is best done in the forum or on your personal blog or to friends and family.

7. How do I download an ebook?

After purchasing your ebook you will receive an email with confirmation of payment and a link to download the book. Please save the book before opening it.

8. Are your ebooks available on Kindle or in paperback format?

Unfortunately, not at this time. We are working on it and will announce it to our readers when that day comes. Currently all workbooks are only available in a downloadable pdf format.

9. I’ve downloaded my ebook but can’t find it. Where did it go? 

Downloads generally go to your download file. Check there first.

10. I still can’t find it.

You can go back to the download email and download it again.

11. I would like my genealogy writing group to join the challenge, can we do that?

Absolutely, I can also offer you a group discount on any of the ebooks. Email me at lynnpalermo@eastlink.ca and we can discuss.