Day 14 – Where to Find Social History Resources

Yesterday, we discussed how social history could help you flesh out your ancestor’s story. It can put the clothes on their backs and the roof over their head.

Of course, there are many online resources available. I’ve started a social history page that I continually add to. Make sure you check it out and bookmark it. But aside from online resources, here is a list of offline resources that can also help you out.

Books Stores – online stories and brick and mortar stores, particularly those second-hand bookstores.

Libraries – online libraries, local and regional libraries, college and university libraries.

Local Archives and Museums – connect with the local archives and museums in the area your ancestors lived. They often have books written by local authors that have never made it to the internet or a bookstore including letters, memoirs and diaries of locals.

Local Historians – local historians are well read on the local history and social history of the area. Ask your local archives or museum for a meeting with a local historian.

Social Historians – There are social historian societies, reach out to them to find a social historian knowledgeable on the particular subject you are researching.

Living with the Locals – Immerse yourself in the hometown of your ancestors. Learn from the locals, visit the local tourist organizations, and take a walking tour.

Newspapers – Newspapers are an incredible social history resource. They provide not only local politics and events, which can help to place some historical context to your ancestor’s life but local businesses, gossip, family events, marriages, deaths alongside the world and regional events.

Learn to use social history to bring your ancestor and their world to life on the page.

Also, here is our Social History Resource page on the Family History Writing Studio that I mentioned above. It contains links to many online websites that can help you with the details you require to add description and detail to your stories. If you have a favourite social history resource, please let us know, we would love to add it to the list.



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