Daily Dose Confirmation

Hello Family History Writers

I’ve been busy these last few days preparing 28 days of information for you in our Daily Dose email. When you registered as a member of the challenge you also became eligible to receive our Daily Dose Newsletter.  Our newsletter will deliver daily motivation and writing tips and tools to your inbox for the month of February.

Our newsletter is delivered through our communications provider Aweber. Many of you would have received an email from Aweber asking you to click on a link to confirm you want to receive the Daily Dose. If you missed that part of the process, please be sure you check your emails and junk folders and click the link. I’ve noticed some of you on the list have not and therefore I cannot send you the newsletter without your permission.

With only a few days left until we begin writing, I want to be sure everyone is in the best possible position to begin writing. Make sure you are confirmed, and you should be set to receive our writing newsletter on Feb 1st.