Lynn Palermo, The Armchair Genealogist and Family History Writer


Hello, welcome to The Family History Writing Challenge. My name is Lynn Palermo, and I will be your coach throughout the 28 days of February, helping to transform your research into entertaining family history stories.   

I believe there is a purpose behind our genealogy research. To Write Our Ancestor’s Stories. I believe as genealogist we have been given a calling to write and share those stories for the next generation. I want you to succeed in this mandate.

The Family History Writing Challenge offer many tools to help you get started. Our tools will come in many shapes depending on your personal needs. You can find help in our writer’s resources, populated by our article archives or learn through our daily newsletter The Daily Dose. We also have the writer’s forum where you can engage with other family history writers, exchange ideas and discuss your struggles and successes. In our shop, we offer downloadable tools to help you with organizing and writing your stories.

Thank you for stopping by,  and getting to know more about The Challenge. I really do appreciate it and I am honoured to help you in your writing journey. If you have any questions about the challenge or need some assistance please fill out the contact form below. I try to answer all questions within 24 hours. Once again welcome.