Day 26 – Scenes and Your Contract with the Reader

Day 26 – Scenes and Your Contract with the Reader

Feb. 26, 2017 by

  This post was written based on some of the questions and concerns some of you have put forward in our Facebook Group.    Family history narratives are comprised of scene and summary. We are familiar with summary; it includes


Feb. 25, 2016 by

Foreshadowing Over the last several weeks, we’ve been discussing the many layers of a story from Inner Journey to Theme and a variety of literary devices such as figurative language and most recently motif and how you can utilize these

The Big Scene

Feb. 20, 2016 by

The Big Scene What’s in your big scene? The climax is a scene that is going to be the high point of the action for your protagonist ancestor. Your protagonist ancestor only gets one climatic scene, so it needs to

What is a Chapter?

Feb. 19, 2016 by

What is a Chapter?   A chapter is usually two or more scenes, but it can be one scene. Chapters can come in a variety of sizes. How large and small your chapter will be will largely depend on how

Keep the Pages Turning

Feb. 18, 2016 by

Keep the Pages Turning How to you know when to end your scene? Every scene needs a carefully crafted ending.  An ending that gives a sense of conclusion to a scene while at the same time leaves the reader with

Creating a Sense of Place

Feb. 10, 2016 by

Creating a Sense of Place     When it comes to the setting of your story, consider yourself your reader’s tour guide. Your job is to introduce and guide your reader through the world of their ancestor.   Demonstrating to your

The Story Middle (Video)

Feb. 8, 2016 by

The Story Middle 

Goals: Big and Small

Feb. 6, 2016 by

Goals: Big and Small For every scene you write, your ancestor must be in pursuit of a goal. A goal at its most basic is a course of action your protagonist takes and sometimes needs to take in the scene

Cooking up a Satisfying Scene

Feb. 2, 2016 by

Cooking up a Satisfying Scene     Like a good pot of soup on a cold’s winter’s day, every family history scene requires some essential ingredients to make them successful.  Without a tasty broth, some colourful veggies, and a fat

Window to the Physical World

Feb. 21, 2015 by

Writing the physical world of our ancestors may seem impossible at times. We face two concerns, how do we know what it looked like and how do we bring that world to life on the page. Replicating that world will