A Daily Dose of Support!

When you commit to a new habit, it’s important to be consistent and diligent and practice it daily inorder to make it a long-term goal.  As we committ to spending the next 28 days creating new writing habits, it was important for me to offer you daily inspiration. I couldn’t ask you sit down and write your stories every day, if  I wasn’t prepared to be right there beside you cheering you on, offering you some tips and tools and motivating you when you are experiencing that all too familiar self-doubt.

Beginning on February 1st, you will receive the  Daily Dose newsletter,  designed to provide you with a little dose of inspiration, education and motivation. The Daily Dose will also deliver  information packed articles from our guest authors, leading industry professionals.  Each day during the month of February, we will cover a topic to help elevate you in your writing journey.

Go ahead get yourself ready to write, I’ll chime in with a few pre-challenge posts to fire you up.  Then on February 1st, I’ll be here for you each and every day.

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