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Stop Wishing. Start Writing.
What is the Family History Writing Challenge?
28 Days. 28 Minutes.

When you join The Family History Writing Challenge you join a unique group of writers – family history writers. Together during the 28 days in February we focus our attention on learning the craft of writing our family history stories. Engaging and entertaining stories. We also learn the habits of efficient and productive writers. We start will dedicating 28 minutes to writing and adding a few minutes on each day along with a new lesson in writing. Our hope is that once February is over, you’ve gotten a great start on writing your ancestor’s stories but you’ve also learn writing habits that will help you continue to write long after February has ended.

Transform Your Research

Here's what family historians have to say about The Challenge.

“Lynn, you did an amazing job of leading this challenge, encouraging and motivating so many people to take on the sometimes daunting task of figuring out how to take those first steps toward writing. I’ve really been impressed with the organization and diligence it took to put together those daily reminders and mini lessons. I have no doubt many have come out of February into March feeling that writing a family history is within their reach. I read several hundred pages of recently discovered diaries and incorporated parts of their content into several thousand words and got several chapters written or re-written. Thanks so much for your hard work and unfailing enthusiasm for everyone.”